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A millionaire man with 250 dating times in 12 years is still single.

According to one American media, a millionaire man Larry Greenfield (New York, 47), has been looking for a “perfect wife“ through New York’s matrimonial company since 2000. However, surprisingly, he still hasn’t found his “True Love”, even though he hang out with as many as 250 women in 12 years, 250 times.

It is reported that Larry Greenfield is a former trader on Wall Street in New York, who owns millions of dollar assets. Larry said, his “perfect wife” is not high, as long as satisfying the following conditions: “beautiful, slim, intelligent, and jewish, has a sense of humor.

Larry said, he dated with many kinds of woemn (about 250 females). Once, the matchmaker helped Larry and found a dance star to date, who was very sexy. However, when Larry knew the lady is a sexy dancer, he immediately passed her. Not too common, not too elegant. In addition, the matchmaker introduced some elegant artists in New York to Larry. After the date, however, Larry felt they were not his style. Because he thought the temperament of “beauty” of “art” is overweight, and he didn’t feel like this kind of women is not peace of mind enough to live a life that occupy at home.

It is said that Larry has changed 6 matchmaking companies in 12 years, and only the matchmaking fee was about $65000. But strangely he is still single.

However, after 250 times failures, Larry still didn’t give it up. He is still struggling to find his “True Love”, and trying to date with his 251th girlfriend. Larry said, he is looking for a “wife” type of girl friend, he is not willing to date a career woman. He said: “Now, my work is dating with all kinds of girls. I hate those women with good career, they are too accustomed to privilege, I would not be able to say hello.”

Larry is also trying online dating sites now. He has been invited to join,,,

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Portrait Of Senior Couple In Park

Is it useful for senior millionaires to date online?

It’s become more and more normal that A senior millionaire dating a younger person or oldies going out with their same age group. It is an accepted fact like same casual dating.

Most rich people living abroad and at the age of 50 and above are usually divorced or single parents, while very seldom are still single or without children. Most of them are millionaires, even billionaires, devoting much of their lives working and preparing for future retirement.

But finally, they realize it is not too late to go out for dating once again, engage into a serious relationship as well as find someone special to spend the rest of their lives with.

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